Celtics search for answers in team meeting after ‘selfish play’ against Bucks

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Celtics locker room generally opens up to the media mere moments after a game ends. In the wake of an ugly 120-107 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, the door remained closed for 36 minutes. Inside, a team meeting was being held with players and coaches as a third straight defeat dropped Boston to the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference standings 31 games into the season.

One week after looking like they had righted the ship with an eight-game winning streak, the C’s looked like they were back at square one at the 20-game mark: A .500 team that thinks it's better than it is.

Effort issues and injuries have undoubtedly been a concern throughout the season and that was certainly a case during Boston’s 111-103 loss against the Suns on Wednesday night. The Celtics let their guard down in portions of that game and got burned for it. Still, effort shouldn’t be an issue in a nationally televised contest with another East contender against the Bucks. However, that and another issue crept to the surface once again, which enabled the Bucks to dominate much of the first half with a 57-22 run at one point and ultimately led to a lengthy postgame discussion in the Celtics locker room.

Kyrie Irving, like the rest of his teammates, wasn’t willing to share the subject matter of the meeting upon the media’s request.

“It’s none of y’all business, honestly,” Irving said.

"We had a talk, and today was the time we chose to talk,” Jaylen Brown added. “I’ll keep it confined to what we talked about to between us, but we’ve got to do better."

However, Irving let slip what surely was a hot topic after another disappointing offensive night.