Unassuming and ‘overlooked’, David Krejci continues to solidify himself as one of Bruins’ top pivots

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Aside from the snowflake and reindeer-adorned Christmas suit he donned ahead of Thursday’s win over the Ducks, David Krejci isn’t one to make much of an entrance.

Largely unassuming and understated, the 32-year-old center doesn’t tend to wax poetic when fielding questions about his own on-ice accomplishments — as hefty as his resume may be.

On the night he passed Cam Neely on the Bruins’ all-time scoring list? “Yeah, it was a great effort by everyone.”

On Thursday night, when he became the 10th Bruin to reach the 600-point plateau?  "That’s a nice number, I have been fortunate enough to play with really good players so I can’t just give credit to myself.”

Krejci’s career numbers speak for themselves — 600 points, a Stanley Cup title, 87 points in 105 career postseason matchups.

And although the veteran forward isn’t one to toot his own horn, his teammates are more than willing to pick up the slack.