Bedard: What Steelers fans should know about these Patriots

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

This is a column I wrote for in the spirit of cooperation with our sister site. Nothing you guys haven't heard or read from me up to now, but figured you might want to see it.


Yinzers …

Greetings from the Hub of the Sports Universe where we’ve moved on from the Red Sox winning another (yawn) World Series championship, and now we’re on to much consternation over this version of the Patriots.

Can’t wait to be back in Pittsburgh this weekend. It’s one of my favorite road trips because of the people and the food/beer.

Patriots at Steelers late in the season. Love how some things never change, like DK complaining about the officiating after the Steelers blow another big game under Mike Tomlin.

Before we get going this weekend, as DK has done for readers of our site, Boston Sports Journal, I figured I’d give you a quickie look at what you need to know about this version of the Patriots:

These Patriots are no road warriors.