Bedard: Yes, the Patriots blew this one … but don’t overreact

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(Getty Images)

Prepare for a long week of Patriots bashing.

There is nothing the other 44 states outside of New England like more than the Patriots falling on their faces — when you're the New York Yankees of the NFL as the standard of excellence, it comes with the territory — so they're going to get their shots in.

And, make no mistake, the Patriots coughed up this game in excruciating fashion as Kenyan Drake sprinted past a flailing Rob Gronkowski (who shouldn't have been on the field) as time expired for a 69-yard score.

New England fans are lucky. Aside from all the shiny Lombardi Trophies they get to look at, most other fanbases have these kinds of losses once or twice a season. The Patriots endure them every couple of years — at most. So everyone is going to have their fun with the Patriots.

They should enjoy it while they can.

Unless you're into cosmic forces and what this might portend for New England this season — and at 3-4 on the road this season, the Patriots have never advanced to a Super Bowl with four road defeats — this heartbreaking, what-the-hell-just-happened 34-33 loss to the Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium doesn't really change all that much for the Patriots.