Red Sox

MLB Notebook: Will Red Sox method of roster-building lead to more teams trading prospects for stars? Also, a look at MLB and Pete Rose

In sports, success breeds imitation. When a formula works, it quickly gets copied.

For years, Dave Dombrowski came under criticism for strip-mining the Red Sox minor league system in pursuit of established stars. Dombrowski was willing to sacrifice the team's future to improve on its present.

When the Red Sox won the World Series in October, the criticism suddenly became muted. All of a sudden, the decisions to trade four prospects for Craig Kimbrel, four more for Chris Sale another for Drew Pomeranz -- to say nothing for smaller but still significant deals for Eduardo Nunez, Steve Pearce, Eduardo Nunez, Ian Kinsler and Nathan Eovaldi -- were deemed worthwhile.

After all, nothing validates a strategy like a duck boat parade.