How much time could Zdeno Chara miss following apparent knee injury? Checking in with Dr. Flynn

Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bruins have to announce an official update on the status of Zdeno Chara after suffering an apparent knee injury during Wednesday’s game against the Avalanche.

But whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t look good for the 41-year-old blue liner.

With Boston’s D corps already in rough shape, the last thing the Black and Gold need is for their captain and top minutes eater to be sidelined for an extended stretch.

So what kind of injury could Chara be facing? To search for some answers, I caught up with’s medical expert Dr. Jessica Flynn for her insight on the situation.

Q: Looking at the video, what do suspect Chara’s injury to be?

It looked like Chara got hit in the outside part of the knee, so we call that a valgus injury to the knee. So that type of an injury — the first thing we worry about is the medial collateral ligament, the MCL. That gets stretched and if there’s enough force to stretch that to the point that it tears, sometimes the ACL is also at risk. So when I saw the video, I thought that this definitely looks like an MCL injury and there is a chance of an ACL injury.

The only reason that I’m feeling a little bit optimistic with this injury is that he had the benefit of being on skates and on the ice. And you can see that his foot moves as he’s getting hit and that absorbs some of the force. If he had his foot planted on the football field, you would have had a little bit of a higher risk of getting an ACL injury than on ice. So while I think the ACL injury is a possibility, I think it’s a little less likely.

Q: In terms of MCL injuries, how much can they vary in terms of severity and a recovery timetable?