Bedard’s Breakdown: One last look back at the Music City Debacle

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(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

After a lot of thought and more film watching, I don't have a whole lot to add on a macro level about the Music City Debacle than what I posted Tuesday: it was the Patriots and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Game.

What we saw was a beat-up, wheezing, old and thin team in desperate need of a bye week still working through things (in mid-November, mind you) in all three phases, laying another egg on the road because, to this point, they haven't really shown all that much mental toughness.

It was a really bad day at the office for just about everyone involved. Almost all the wounds were self-inflicted. Things need to get cleaned up real quick, or else this season is going to end in a whimper like similarly disappointing seasons in 2002, '05 and '09.

But let's delve into the positional ratings against the Titans:


Quarterback (1.5 out of 5)

No, not a good day for Tom Brady at all. His 51.2 completion percentage was his lowest in a meaningful game since the season-opening loss to the Chiefs last year. He was playing to pressure that was