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BSJ Daily Briefing 11.07.18: Red Sox free agents, Malcolm Butler debate revived

Good morning! 

A few random thoughts while I wonder what Craig Kimbrel's agent would say if he represented Steve Pearce off this World Series ...

  • .... Something, something about Babe Ruth.
  • What, you didn't know that Kimbrel is the greatest closer in the history of baseball?
  • I take it that means Kimbrel won't be back with the Red Sox and, considering the fickle nature of closers, this would be the definition of the Red Sox selling high. Is Kimbrel really going to be as good or better going forward?
  • Disappointed it sounds like the Astros may be in on Nathan Eovaldi. Phenomenal postseason and, of course, his bionic arm is from the future. Bring back The Terminator.
  • I expect the Patriots to throw double moves all day at Malcolm Butler on Sunday.
  • For those that cling to the notion that Bill Belichick didn't have a legitimate reason to keep Butler out of the Super Bowl, he had his chance at the Eagles this year and allowed a perfect passer rating of 158.3 (7 receptions on 7 targets, 119 yards and a touchdown according to He also missed two tackles (fifth-worse tackling grade on the Titans).
  • Defensive passer ratings of Patriots in the Super Bowl vs. Eagles: Eric Rowe, 131.3; Jordan Richards, 118.8; Johnson Bademosi, 118.8.
  • No cornerback had more than one missed tackle.
  • So if your position is, "Well, he couldn't have done any worse..." that might indeed be the case — we have no idea — but there's no direct evidence to support that. The evidence says that he indeed could have done worse.
  • I'm sure there was something more involved to keep him out the entire game (my guess: he mouthed off after finding out he was demoted to nickel to go along with his pouty nature all season), but it always starts with performance with Belichick. Butler's performance this season in Tennessee was merely a continuation of a decline we saw last season.

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