2018 World Series

McAdam: David Price decides to remain with Red Sox for 4 more years

(Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The 2018 Red Sox were remarkably free of drama, and a few days into the offseason, that trend is continuing.

Fully 14 hours before he had to decide, David Price declared that it was his intention to remain under contract with the Red Sox for the remaining four years on his original landmark seven-year, $217 million deal, signed in December of 2015.

A clause in his contract could have allowed Price to opt-out and seek a better deal elsewhere, or provide leverage for the Red Sox to rip up the current deal and add another year or two for more money.

But Price, who turned his reputation on its head with two strong starts in the World Series, made it known that he wouldn't be playing any contractual games.