2018 World Series

McAdam: Big moments, little moments and other parting thoughts on the World Series

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The 2018 World Series will stay with us for a while. It will be replayed in our heads and in the weeks and months to come, fans will remember where they were when the final out was recorded.

For now, however, while it's still fresh, here are 10 memories -- some behind the scenes -- from the Red Sox' ninth championship and fourth in the last 15 years.


1. There can be little doubt as to the Series' turning point. That was undeniably, unquestionably, Mitch Moreland's pinch-hit, three-run homer in the seventh inning of Game 4. At the time, the Sox were trailing 4-0 and had mustered just one hit. They were just seven outs away from having the Series tied at two, with all of the momentum on the Dodgers' side. Who knows how differently the rest of the Series plays out? At the very least, it would have sent the teams back to Boston for at least one game. In the aftermath of the Series-clinching win Sunday night, Xander Bogaerts said the middle innings of Game 4 were the only time in the entire postseason he was even a little worried. But Moreland's homer changed all of that. An inning later, Steve Pearce's solo homer off Kenley Jansen tied the game at four, and an inning after that, Rafael Devers contributed the go-ahead run with a pinch-hit single. There was another game to win, but by then, the Red Sox had succeeded in effectively killing the Dodgers' hopes.

2. One of the most heart-warming scenes from the celebration took place during the postgame festivities behind the makeshift stage, set up in the infield of Dodger Stadium. Alex Cora had left the crowded stage