2018 World Series

McAdam: Even in victory, champion Red Sox never lost the capacity to surprise

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(Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES -- One of the great things about sports is its endless capacity to surprise. It's not scripted, even when the games take place only a few miles from Hollywood, where happy endings can be planned in advance.

It's why we watch, why we're hooked, why we watch games that go well past our bedtimes.

Because we don't know what's going to happen. We can make good, sometimes educated guesses, but there is the human element that renders everything that goes on on the field, on the court or on the ice unpredictable.

Sometimes, the favorite wins, form holds and there are no real surprises.

Case in point: the 2018 world champion Boston Red Sox. They had the best record in the regular season, the best record in franchise history, and enjoyed home-field advantage throughout the postseason. In that sense, their 5-1 victory Sunday to finish off the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games was entirely expected.

But how the Red Sox won? Well, few saw that coming.

Imagine, say, five weeks ago, if anyone had suggested the following: