2018 World Series

McAdam: David Price sheds his previous reputation and shines on the big stage

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LOS ANGELES -- In the span of a little over two weeks, David Price somehow managed to go from hapless in October to all-but-unhittable. The same pitcher who couldn't seem to win in the postseason became the guy who couldn't lose.

Maybe we should have seen this coming, what with the law of averages and all of that. Or maybe it was in the cards after Price was the starting and winning pitcher in the Red Sox first win of the regular season, the 100th win of the season and, then, the pennant clincher in Houston earlier this month.

Still, Price's transformation from October zero to hero was almost breathtaking. He started Game 2 of the World Series and allowed two runs on three hits over six innings. And Sunday night, he completed his transformation with a stunning performance that saw him go seven innings plus a batter, allowing just one run on three hits.

The same guy -- give or take -- who had a career postseason ERA of 5.42 as recently as the middle of this month, then made four appearances, beginning with Game 5 of the ALCS, in which he went 3-0 (with a relief appearance tossed in) for an ERA of 1.37.

Put another way: Price won half of the Red Sox four World Series victories.

Raise your hand if you expected that kind of reversal.