Dielna admits he’s gone, but others would like to stick around

FOXBOROUGH — In contract-based, professional sports — especially in a league like Major League Soccer where the terms of a player’s personal contract are so secretive one needs a crowbar to pry the information loose — you sometimes don’t know who’ll return for the next season right away. Revolution manager Brad Friedel said Sunday evening that players are expected to find out next week whether or not they will return to Gillette Stadium in 2019, but the club will not make any roster decisions known to the public until late November.

“We’ll be having meetings over the next week,” he said. “The players that we do take along with us (into 2019) will be committed players… we’re very much looking forward toward preseason starting.

But after several conversations in the hour-plus aftermath of Sunday night’s 1-0 Revolution win over Montreal, we have a definitive gone from one player, and a hope to return from several others.

As expected, centerback Claude Dielna will not return to Route 1 next season.