2018 World Series

McAdam: Nathan Eovaldi, a giant in defeat, earns ultimate respect from teammates

(Jim Davis/Globe staff)

LOS ANGELES -- He was the fighter who gave everything he had. He was the marathoner who refused to give up. He was every inspirational athlete, doing the unexpected for longer than logic dictated.

The fact that Nathan Eovaldi was also the losing pitcher in Game 3 of the World Series almost seems secondary, a minor detail on an otherwise unforgettable night.

Rick Porcello, who started the game, was unashamed to confess that watching Eovaldi somehow throw 97 pitches over six innings, his third appearance in the span of four days, left him in tears.

"That was the most incredible pitching performance I've ever seen,'' gushed Porcello.

"Tremendous ... amazing ... spectacular,'' added Jackie Bradley Jr. "I want him on my side 10 times out of 10. Nothing but love.''