The best case Jimmy Butler scenario for the Celtics

(Harry How/Getty Images)

The latest twists and turns to the Jimmy Butler trade demand saga continued to trickle out over the past 24 hours. The latest intriguing development? The All-Star’s top preferred choice as a landing spot is the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com.

That preference may not ultimately matter given the fact that Tom Thibodeau has reportedly no interest in trading him for the time being. However, the prospect of Butler walking for nothing and the Wolves having no free cap space to replace him with should force Thibodeau to approach the situation with an eye on the future. The Wolves won’t be contending this year anyway, with or without Butler, so why risk letting your best player walk?

The Celtics will serve as bystanders for this whole situation. If Butler goes anywhere in the interim, they would prefer it to be out West, avoiding the possibility that some East playoff team could make a major upgrade as a top challenger to the Celtics.

However, the prospect of Butler landing in Los Angeles, whether it is this season or next season, would serve the Celtics beyond a competition standpoint in the East.