Sweeney: Five takeaways on the Revs’ first win in over two months


Let’s expound on a few of the things in the Match Report -- which is paywall-less, I'm told -- this evening, shall we?

Better defensive play on the corner kicks: Now that’s how you keep set pieces from biting you in the butt. For what feels like the first time since before this winless skid began, the Revolution managed to keep the ball out of the back of their own net on corners — and they had plenty to defend in the South Bronx on Wednesday night. With New York City FC (66 percent possession) controlling the run of play for a majority of the contest on East 161st Street, there were tons of opportunities for set pieces. In all, New England had to defend 14 corner attempts by the Bronx Blues. Not only that, there was a bit of a bend/don’t break at play with the Revs back four on counterattacking play. There were times where they were burned by NYC, but managed to get back just in the nick of time on several occasions to keep Brad Knighton safe from harm's way. And seriously, tip the cap toward Knighton, who had a phenomenal game with the exception of tracking that ball in second-half stoppage time which could have led to an unfortunate-yet-typical equalizer. He earned his paycheck the hard way this week.

Revs desperately needed Diego Fagundez’s hand in this match: I know there are a bunch of folks out there who have called for DF14 not to play in the No. 10 position, and you know that I am a Fagundez apologist; that means you’re not going to get me to put Diego down often, since I’ve thought he should have been moved to central attacking midfielder two years ago. I will admit that he’s had some off nights in '18, but not enough to fully supplant him. So let’s be absolutely real here: how much better did the offense flow with him in there Wednesday?