2018 Season Preview

Bedard: Analyzing the Patriots’ offensive roster – Tom Brady’s readiness cloudy

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Now that the waiver claim process has been completed (for the most part), we can take a little bit of a closer look at the Patriots' final (for this week) 53-man roster heading into the opener.

Let's first post my version of the roster, which sort of mixes the Patriots' system with the regular depth chart. Note -- this chart is a snapshot right now. So Jeremy Hill is ahead of Rex Burkhead at this point, as Burkhead comes back from injury.

(The chart below is visible to members but not visitors)

[table id=131 /]

Let's go through each position with a few thoughts:


I think, for the first time maybe ever, I'm not really sure how Tom Brady is going to come out of the blocks. Actually, I expect the passing offense — outside of dump offs to the backs and slip screens — to really struggle for a while. But I'm talking more about Brady in general.