Sweeney: Friedel wants mentality change in locker room, but really, it starts in the front office

(Getty Images)

FOXBOROUGH — Now, we’re getting somewhere. Now, we’re getting real criticism about the Revolution.

No, the criticism’s not coming from Blue Level, where we can only write “they blew another lead and dropped another set of points” so many times before you know how we’re going to write it. No, it’s not coming from the Twitter denizens on the hashtag. It’s certainly not coming from either of the two Boston sports radio stations, neither of which have a clue about soccer.

(Quick aside: Pop quiz — how many of you think any of them were watching the Revs and Portland Saturday night instead of the Sox game, or Notre Dame-Michigan? A show of hands will do.)

It’s coming from someone who sees the players day in and day out, someone a lot closer to the situation than you, me, and every Tom, Dick, or Harry with an Internet connection and an opinion.

But we have to ask: will it matter in the long run?

Revolution manager Brad Friedel has spoken about the club’s mentality a lot over these last two months, and he did it again after The Boys In Blue dropped points to Portland on Saturday night, a 1-1 draw which saw New England — and stop me if you’ve heard this before, folks — failed to defend a simple flippin' set piece.

How simple was it? My grandmother is nearly 87 years old, in a wheelchair. She could have stopped it. But I digress...

The failure to get three points now has the Revolution at nine consecutive matches — 63 days and counting as of Sunday morning — without claiming all three points. In that time, The Boys In Blue have claimed a total of three points.

Nine matches. 27 total points to be taken. Three have been taken, all via draw. 0-6-3 since the beginning of July.

And let me tell you something: even though it’s not in his character to call out the players (at least not by name) publicly or to show anything not resembling a calm demeanor, the last two months looks like it’s getting to Friedel. The lack of truly positive results are getting to him, and as we all know, there’s really no way out of it.

The reason? The Revs are a classic Old Mother Hubbard team, with no great stars in the cupboard. No one who can dig the club out of this funk is there on this roster.