Bedard’s Breakdown: Offensive line, backs stand out in opener

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

We'll get into our expansive GameChart from this game (broken tackles, big plays and drops are now included) and some thoughts on players by unit. But we'll start with the top takeaways from a game that was pretty rough on the eyes if you wanted to see some efficient passing.

We've talked about how Patriots camp to this point have been, compared to their and other team's camps in previous years, basically Club Med. Light on hitting, competitive drills and even sluggish when it comes to tempo, they entered Thursday night's game a bit ill-prepared to play live football (not that anyone cares about preparing for exhibitions).

And it definitely showed on the field. The offensive positions most affected by the light camp — quarterbacks and the receivers/tight ends — had terrible first halves and didn't start to catch up until the second half, when the Redskins had their scrubs in the game.

But the positions that have practiced closest to the level they will during the season — the offensive line and running backs — were far and away the best units for the Patriots, so that really shouldn't be a surprise.