League: No update on Boston Breakers revival for 2019


If you know a Boston Breakers fan, you might want to tell them ... there’s still no news about the club’s revival for next year.

Six months after the club folded — right after the 2018 National Women’s Soccer League draft in late January — officials with the Chicago-based league tell that while they are in “active expansion conversations,” there are no updates regarding the Breakers’ return.

“The NWSL remains committed to expanding with the right owners at the right time when the league’s expansion criteria is met and further elevates the stability and viability of the league,” NWSL Director of Communications Patrick Donnelly wrote in a recent email exchange with BSJ. “We continue to have active expansion conversations with a number of potential prospects. However, at this time, we do not have any updates regarding expansion for the 2019 season and beyond.”

The club folded on Jan. 28 after a new ownership group for the Breakers backed out in the eleventh hour, forcing the NWSL to go ahead with only nine teams in 2018, the league’s sixth season of operation.

The former owners of the club had notified the league in 2017 that they were backing out, which prompted the NWSL to look for new owners.

After the club folded, NWSL managing director Amanda Duffy told The Associated Press that the league is committed to Boston.

“It’s a market we believe in,” she told the AP. “It’s a brand that has a great historical reputation in women’s professional soccer.”

The Breakers began in 2001 as part of the Women’s United Soccer Association, a league which only ran for three seasons before shutting down in 2003. Four years later, the Breakers returned to join a new women’s soccer league, Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS), but didn’t start playing in the league until 2009.

That edition of the Breakers, too, lasted three years, before it joined the short-lived Women’s Premier Soccer League Elite for 2012.

In 2013, the NWSL rose from the ashes of WPS with eight teams, the Breakers included.

In their five years in NWSL, the Breakers never reached the league’s postseason.

BSJ Analysis

Will the Breakers ever return? It’s a good question that doesn’t have an easy answer. And if you don’t care about women’s soccer, this story isn’t for you.