Jonathan Kraft on 98.5: ‘We will get the stadium done’ for Revolution

(Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Zolak & Bertrand midday show over on 98.5 The Sports Hub (WBZ-FM), with Rob “Hardy” Poole in the co-pilot’s chair alongside main host Scott Zolak, had Revolution co-investor/operator Jonathan Kraft on for a good 16 minutes during Wednesday’s lunch hour. And while he touched on the successes -- and the gut-punch moment of Saturday night -- of The Boys In Blue this season, he did spend quite a bit of time talking about the stadium issue.

While Kraft didn’t necessarily bring up the rumors that filtered through the interwebs late Monday night into Tuesday, he did -- in a rather honest way -- address the elephant in the room; the lack of a soccer-only stadium within metro Boston, especially after talking about how other teams in the league, such as Atlanta United FC, Los Angeles FC, and Portland Timbers FC, have done with their new venues.

“That’s really what I think the final step is here in this market for us,” Kraft said. “And I know, people: we sound like a broken record, but we really have been working very diligently on it. I think in Mayor (Marty) Walsh, we have a mayor of this city — his predecessor was really never interested in seeing this happen. Mayor Walsh is, and hopefully, this is something we can accomplish in his second term here.

“When Arthur Blank built (Mercedes-Benz Stadium), he built it knowing — he has a soccer configuration, and a football configuration, and it works. When we built Gillette, we always felt like we would be moving (the Revs to Boston) and probably didn’t do as much as we could or should have done relating to soccer. It’s been a long road, and for us, we really are focused on making that happen, and I think when we have a soccer-specific venue, in a city like Boston that’s both so sports crazy but with the young millennial population who love and understand this game, I think you’re going to see the energy and excitement level rival any of the other cities in this country where soccer has been totally embraced in the mainstream sports culture.”

“People want that venue, Jonathan,” Poole said.

“And like I said, Mayor Walsh, I believe, really wants it, and I know people think it’s just talk when we say that and don’t get into details, because we’ll get into details when we have something to announce,” Kraft continued. “People aren’t interested in — I think hearing anything other than we are working on it and then when we have something substantive to talk about, we will.”

Kraft’s comments followed a question