Counting down the most valuable Patriots — No. 36 to No. 28

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(Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

With training camp looming, we’ve decided to rate the Patriots’ roster, counting down the most valuable from No. 90 to No. 1. “Valuable” can be defined on multiple levels, but for purposes of this exercise, we’re going to take a few different things into account: talent, dependability, track record of success in the system, and their individual spot on the depth chart. (Basically: How badly would things be if they were removed from the lineup?)

There are some cases — namely, the first-year players — where it’s tough to predict where they should land. But based on their performances in the spring workouts and having talked to teammates and people around the league, we took our best shot.

Today we've got Nos. 36 through 28. Go big or go home. Frankly, there are a bunch of guys in here who could end up playing a sizable role in the success of the 2018 team. There are also a few individuals in this group who are in very real danger of not making the final roster. Remember, we’re talking about overall value here at this point, which means a big summer from someone else could lessen the value of someone on this list between now and cutdown day, which means they might not be around when the season kicks off. But for now, they’re here, so we’ll include them in our countdown.