Sweeney: Saturday night was just a poor advert for soccer

(Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

FOXBOROUGH — Yick. Seriously, there’s no other way to describe Saturday’s scoreless draw at Gillette Stadium (trust me: I stared at the screen for at least 20 minutes while trying to get this piece started, and nothing witty came to mind; my apologies). Yick. Yick, yick, yick. And if you didn’t catch it the first five times, I’ll say it a little louder for those of you in the back.


Now don’t get me wrong: scoreless draws happen in soccer. They happen. I accept that; the world accepts that. In soccer, you expect attacking play; if a goalkeeper makes wonderful saves from blistering attacks, you tip your cap his or her way—but at least you bloody well keep trying to score. That’s what makes soccer interesting, the creation of chances.

But they don't always look like... like... like... that.