Robert Williams explains missing his flight and first summer league practice with Celtics

Jared Tilton/Getty Images

Robert Williams made it back into Boston on Sunday night, took part in his first summer league practice on Monday and finally had to face the music on Tuesday morning. In his first media availability since a missed flight forced him to skip out on Boston's first summer league practice on Sunday, the rookie big man took full responsibility for the miscue.

"I went home, did a couple of things, then just a missed flight, missed communication by me," Williams said before practice at the Auerbach Center on Tuesday morning. "It’s all on me. So we’re going to push forward and move past that."

The incident served as an early wakeup call for the 20-year-old, as the Celtics' brass addressed the issue internally with him over the past couple of days.

"Just accountability, which they stressed to me a lot when I first got here," Williams said of his conversations with the team on Monday. "Just accountability and just stressing that this is a job. Things are different in college so just knowing what you have and the opportunities are limited."

The team did not reveal what kind of discipline the No. 27 overall pick will face for his mistake, but Williams made it sound like it will be largely of the verbal variety.

"They discipline you with words more than you may know," he said. "Maybe a couple extra sprints or something like that, I don’t know."

After freefalling on draft night partially due to concerns about his motor and character issues, Williams knows he now has an uphill battle to turn around the public's perception of him.

"It was more of a self-upset because people have a bad image of me, I guess you could say," he acknowledged. "So just missing my flight didn’t help but, like I said, just looking to move past that...I talked to Coach Stevens when I got back and he obviously explained to me about the opportunity, there’s not that many so, definitely a real wakeup call."

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