Soccer Notebook: CONCACAF’s World Cup slots are safe, and more


We're into the knockout stage at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it's time to reset. It's also time to take a look at the thoughts that I've had over the last two weeks that I really haven't told you yet:

Stop the foolish talk of taking World Cup spots from CONCACAF

I've explained already that I am a staunch defender of CONCACAF while still enjoying great football from all over the world. There are some, like I've already explained, who will drop trow on CONCACAF at every opportunity, all because they feel CONCACAF is inferior. And all week, those people are doing their level best to attack CONCACAF because of Panama's minus-9 goal difference, while ignoring the efforts of Mexico and Costa Rica.

They say that CONCACAF should lose World Cup places because of this, which I think is asinine since they've not been shut out of the Round of 16 since 1982, and Mexico has advanced every tournament since '94 and how the US made the last two Rounds of 16.