Celtics reportedly made an offer for Kawhi Leonard at trade deadline — should they go after him again?

(Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Danny Ainge is never done in his search for stars and that aggressive mentality apparently continued during this past season. According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com, the Celtics made an offer for Kawhi Leonard at the trade deadline back in February that the Spurs turned down. San Antonio made no counter proposal after receiving the offer.

I speculated about the possibility that the Celtics would target Leonard back in February on Boston Sports Journal. It's far from a sure thing that Leonard will be on the trade market at all this summer as the Spurs try to make amends with him by potentially offering him a supermax extension (five years, $219 million). Ultimately, they may have no choice but to deal him if he won't agree to commit to San Antonio this summer before entering the final year of his deal.

But there are a couple questions swirling that Celtics fans are going to want some answers to.

1. What could have been in the offer for Leonard back in February?

2. Would the Celtics even make the same offer now that they did back in February?

3. How aggressively should the Celtics target Leonard this summer if he does hit the market?

Let's go through these questions one by one.