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Perfect for the Boston sports fan: A BSJ Gift Subscription! (Member discount inside)

NOTE: We’ve added a gift subscription discount for BSJ members to head here to collect!

Looking for a quick, easy and valuable gift for that huge Boston sports fan in your life? BSJ has easy gift options, and it’s the type of gift that keeps on giving every day throughout the year.

We have printable gift card option on the gift page. You can print it, fill it out however you want, stuff the gift membership information in there, and you’re all set! Or you could just forward the gift email you receive. Either way, you’re going to be a hero to that special Boston sports fan in your life.

If you are looking to get a subscription for yourself, click here:

We offer below all subscription levels to in gift form!

And here’s where to make your actual gift purchase:




• 1-Year Membership
• $2.92/month (save 40%)
• Unlimited devices
• All content available

Membership Never Expires.




• 3-Year Membership
• $2.08/month (save 58%)
• Unlimited devices
• All content available

Membership Never Expires.




• Lifetime membership!
• Never expires!
• Unlimited devices
• All content available

Membership Never Expires.


Everything else you’d want to know:

• We don’t need any information on the gift recipient. You make a gift purchase, and you receive the gift redemption email. (Please DO NOT enter the gift recipient’s information anywhere.) This way, you can customize the email and forward it to any gift recipient anytime you choose.

• All the recipient needs to do is click the link in the email you will forward to them, then easily create an account and click Submit. That’s it! They’re in!

• If the recipient already has an active subscription, yes, you can still buy them a gift that lengthens or upgrades their account. This has been a common request in the past. Follow all of the steps above, and we’ll simply apply your gift on top of their current account.

• The gift subscriptions will not auto-renew. When the recipient’s gift term has expired, they can renew on their own, but no, it won’t happen automatically.

If you have ANY questions about this, we’re very happy to help!

Email us: