Sweeney: If only they could finish — and if Chicago didn’t harry them in attack

(Getty Images)

One of the things I like to do for a road match is park my Irish-American butt on the couch and, at the right time, hit record on the DVR right before kick-off. Then, after the Match Report is filed, I'll go back and, with the Match Blog as reference, fast forward to instances I found interesting during my initial viewing: I liken this to re-reading a book, where I find something I didn't catch before.

After I had the Match Report for the Revolution's 1-1 draw with Chicago filed, I took a deep breath and hit play, then fast-forwarded to the second half.

And one of the things that I noticed, even though I remain steadfast in my belief that the Revs should have been absolutely clinical in their finishing (I'm looking right at you, Krisztian Nemeth, and I will until you score a goal; you are NOT the No. 10, you are paid to finish), and while the postgame stats showed Chicago maintaining a 51 percent-49 percent possession advantage, The Boys In Blue were far and away the better of the two sides during the second 45 minutes of play Saturday night.