Takeaways from Ainge’s remarks on 2018 draft class and team building for next season

Adam Richins/Boston Sports Journal

Danny Ainge has taken part in several interviews this week in the wake of the Celtics season coming to a dramatic close on Sunday night. We covered some of the bigger takeaways from his comments following exit interviews on Monday here at Boston Sports Journal, but he touched on a number of new topics on Friday in an appearance with Dale and Keefe on WEEI. Here’s a look at a few of his more notable remarks and what we can glean from them.

Ainge on the prospect of there being not enough shots to go around next season with a healthy returning roster: “You need that kind of scoring. Look at Golden State. They have four games who have the ball in their hands all the time, with Klay Thompson, Curry, KD and Draymond Green –– even though Draymond is more of a facilitator, he still has the ball, plays a point-center. The better your team becomes, the more sacrifices guys have to make. So yeah, it’s not going to be perfect every night. There’s going to be some nights where guys get a lot more shots than they get some other nights. But at the same time, it’s a heavy burden having to carry a team offensively every single night. The more you have, the better your team is.”

BSJ Reaction: It’s hard to argue with this perspective, especially in the wake of Boston scoring 78 points against one of the league’s worst defenses at home in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.