Sweeney: Will the real Revolution please stand up?

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(Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

We’re nearly three months into the 2018 Major League Soccer season (Wednesday’s Revolution match against Atlanta United closes that segment out; where has the time gone?), and we have to be honest: we’re no closer to finding out if this new edition of The Boys In Blue is truly For Real, or if they are a bunch of also-rans, much like the big-time pundits had declared them to be way back in early March.

Over the last seven matches — in other words, since we here at BSJ jumped on the beat — the Revolution have been a virtual teeter-totter. Since the 1-0 defeat to FC Dallas on April 14, New England has gone 2-3-2 (L-T-W-L-W-L-T), with no result matched from week to week. In one week, the Revs look like they’re world-beaters with a dangerous offensive attack, ready to make the press eat their words; the next, they get shredded, particularly in the back, looking like the Revs teams of the past couple of seasons and giving the media credence in their beliefs, as well as more fodder with which to write.

In other words, there’s been no fluidity, no consistency — no continuity — with which to make a proper judgment on this football club, which currently sits sixth in the Eastern Conference (5-4-3, 18 points).

And yes, this team is still in its “infancy,” as manager Brad Friedel would say. However, the supporters demand that the infancy be left at the door after nearly 90 competitive days together, and that the team enter the cocky stages of teenage-dom to start taking some of the teams in MLS to task.

That being said, and with it in the midst of a pivotal stretch in the season, will the real New England Revolution please stand up?

Here’s what we know.