Open lines of communication between Hoyer, Brady will be essential for Patriots this spring

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Greg Bedard Photo

FOXBOROUGH — Just because Tom Brady isn’t at OTAs this week, it doesn’t mean he’s not getting a full account of what’s going on.

Brady and Brian Hoyer go all the way back to 2009. Even though he went to Michigan State and Brady is a Michigan man, it’s not a stretch to suggest that of all the backups who have played behind No. 12, he’s Brady’s favorite. Hoyer’s good nature, veteran smarts and fact that he’s self-aware enough to know who he’s playing behind all work in his favor here. It all means he’s cultivated a nice niche for himself. It’s not a coincidence that while there were some other options out there, he was the one brought back into the fold last year after the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. And it wasn't just because he was an available body capable of holding a clipboard.

“We’re great friends,” Hoyer shrugged after Tuesday’s session when asked about his friendship with Brady. “We talk all the time.”