Celtics miss out in draft lottery, will get best of Sixers/Kings first round pick in 2019

Matthew Lee/Getty Images

Lottery luck was not on the side of the Celtics for the second straight year on Tuesday night.

Boston's long odds (2.9 percent) of landing the 2018 first round pick from the Lakers (via Philadelphia) did not pan out in the NBA Draft Lottery as the Lakers pick remained at No. 10. The pick will not convey to Boston in this spot, as it remains with the Sixers, the current owners of the pick.

Instead, the Celtics will now receive a top-1 protected first round pick via the Sacramento Kings or the Philadelphia 76ers in 2019, whatever pick lands higher. Given the Sixers' talent and the fact that the Kings are in the midst of a rebuild, it's extremely likely that the pick will come from Sacramento, barring the selection landing at No. 1. If that's the case the Sixers will send their own pick to Boston to complete the compensation from the Jayson Tatum/Markelle Fultz deal.

BSJ Analysis: While the Celtics adding a top-3 talent in this year's loaded draft class would have been a nice bonus for this core, it became a pipe dream once the Lakers started winning more games in February.

There's no doubt the Celtics would have loved to add more elite talent in 2018, but there are a few silver linings of waiting until 2019 to receive another likely lottery selection.