Analysis: Examining how Jason McCourty’s skills fit with the Patriots

(Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)

So what sort of player is Jason McCourty? Much more than just the twin brother of one of the Patriots’ most valuable defenders.

A look at his film reveals New England has acquired a guy who is a good second corner, a durable (he played 84 percent of the snaps last year and 74 percent the year before that) defender with good ball skills who is more than capable in man or zone coverage. Pro Football Focus had him ranked 17th among all cornerbacks last year, better than Stephon Gilmore (31) and Malcolm Butler (48th).

Going into the final year of a contract that pays him $3 million, Jason will have the chance to play alongside his brother at the NFL level, something that Devin has joked about over the years.

Bill (Belichick) doesn’t listen to me,” Devin McCourty joked when asked about the possibility last year when Jason was a free agent. "If he did listen to me, I'd shoot him a text message and say I don't know if he heard the news but Jason McCourty's a free agent. He'll listen to me sometimes about my opinion in the deep middle, but scouting players he stays away from me. (But) I usually have a good thing with the Rutgers guys so you never know."

Prior to the season-opener against the Titans in 2012, Belichick was asked about the similarities between the brothers.

“I have never actually coached Jason. I just scouted him coming out of Rutgers and (I’ve) seen him with Tennessee,” recalled Belichick of the twins, who were about to embark on their third year in the league at that point. “It looks like both players are fast and they are willing to tackle. They make plays on the ball and in the running game and tackling. They are both pretty smart and pretty dependable. They both try to play their technique and the way they wanted to play the technique on defense, they are pretty consistent. Those things look pretty similar to me.”

To Belichick’s point, both are very similar, with Devin’s field awareness and nose for the ball coming through in a lot of Jason’s skill set.