Dr. Jessica Flynn's Mailbag

Dr. Flynn’s Mailbag: On reports about Gordon Hayward, Antonio Garcia & Patrice Bergeron

Hi everyone! Can’t quite believe it’s been a month since the Super Bowl. In case you’re still feeling the sting, I’ve got some Celtics and Bruins injury thoughts to share in this week’s mailbag. Also, we found out this week why Patriots tackle Antonio Garcia was on the NFI list all season, so I share some information about his medical issue and how it could affect him going forward.

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Gordon Hayward’s ankle was described by Yahoo! Sports' Chris Mannix as “still swollen and still purple-ish” at the All-star break. @GregABedard @BrianTRobb can you ask your Dr if this is bad or normal? (Scott S, @BostonsportZ)

What about the video he recently posted?