2017 AFC Championship

Scouting report: The four most important Patriots players vs. Jaguars

(USAToday Sports)

When it comes to the biggest games, the smallest matchups loom large, because the margin of error is so small.

Sure, the big names need to be on point. But the coaches will be targeting individual matchups as the vehicle for their team's success.

Make no mistake -- the Jaguars will be coming to play with the momentum that comes from winning two straight playoff games, including one in Pittsburgh last weekend. That game gave Jacksonville a ton of confidence, and it should. The Steelers might be the most talented team in the league, and the Jaguars beat them on their own turf to land in the AFC championship game.

But the Jaguars have yet to encounter such an experienced and disciplined team, one in which the following role players will be expected to continue executing at a high level: