Robb: Isaiah Thomas has made things complicated for his return to Boston

(Ken Blaze/USA Today Sports)

It wasn’t supposed to get messy like this between Isaiah Thomas and Celtics fans this week. January 3rd at the TD Garden was supposed to be a day of appreciation for the All-Star, a former Celtic who put up historic numbers over the past couple years in green before being traded in August for Kyrie Irving.

There has been some (understandable) resentment from Thomas over the past few months about the deal and towards the organization. However, Celtics fans were never a target of Thomas and they were always going to honor him with a big ovation from the crowd and then would be treated like the enemy again.

Over the past two weeks though, there has been a fair amount of talking and reflecting about the trade by Thomas with the press. It started back in December on a Christmas day interview with ESPN in which he discussed his mentality playing through injury last year.

“That was big,” Thomas told ESPN. “I’ve always played through injury. If I went back and did it again, I would have sat out the playoffs because I would be playing right now. I would be 100 percent healthy.”