Dr. Jessica Flynn's Mailbag

Dr. Flynn’s Mailbag: On progress and recovery time for Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell

(Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to my final weekly injury mailbag of the NFL regular season and 2017. Not to worry, I’ll be here answering questions throughout the Patriots’ postseason ride. (Don’t forget, I answer questions about the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox as well.) If you haven’t submitted a question yet, I would love to hear from you for future editions, so make sure you check out the contact information at the bottom of the page and send one my way!

This week I’ll tackle questions about two Patriots’ injuries that could have a significant impact on the Patriots’ playoff run. We don’t know much about either Chris Hogan’s shoulder injury or Malcolm Mitchell’s knee, but you have lots of questions about them so I’ll share my thoughts. Because so little official information has been released about either injury, please keep in mind that my answers describe possible scenarios and are not based on any sort of insider knowledge.

Happy New Year, everyone! Now onto your questions…