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Dr. Flynn’s Mailbag: Who has best shot to come off IR? Are smaller players prone to more injuries? And more

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Happy holidays, everyone!

I want to thank you all for making my job so easy this year with fantastic questions for my mailbag. I’ve enjoyed the back-and-forth that formats like this allow for. I hope you’ve learned some from me, as I definitely have from all of you. If you didn’t contribute a question this year, don’t panic — you have one more week! If you’re busy with last-minute wrapping or picking which movie to see on Christmas Day, I completely understand. I’d love to hear from you for future editions, so make sure you check out the contact information at the bottom of the page.

This week I’ll get out my crystal ball (it’s actually plexiglass, hope it still works) and try to guess who the Pats could activate off of IR. We’ll talk about meniscus tears, muscle tears, and Christmas cookies. Do small guys have it worse when it comes to injuries and could a preseason imaging study help to warn of impending ACL injury? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Sort of a general Q: looking at the Patriots IR players, do you see any possibilities of someone being activated off the list for the playoffs? Mitchell, Hightower, Valentine? I know it requires a crystal ball, but based on the injuries that put them on the list…
(Big Wally, @BostonWest80111)