Bedard’s Breakdown: Were Brady’s struggles against Miami a one-off, or cause for concern?

(Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

To be honest, I can't recall Tom Brady playing a worse game than the one he had on Monday night in the 27-20 loss to the Dolphins.

He looked uncomfortable from the opening snap, and never really trusted what he was seeing. Openings in coverage -- ones he normally anticipates before the ball is even snapped -- went unnoticed. Matchups he usually exploits went untargeted. Balls that could produce a big gain if thrown to the outside shoulder went to the inside. Deep shots were consistently underthrown. And he reacted to pressure that wasn't there.

Not exactly the best way to head into the biggest regular-season game of the season on Sunday against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. But that's where Brady and the Patriots are.

The big question is: Could Brady's issues linger against the Steelers, or was it just one bad game?