Bedard: Don’t panic, Patriots will be restocked for Steelers showdown

(Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Forget it.

Burn the film.

Delete it from the DVR.

Don't even talk about it.

That's what I would do if I was a Patriots fan who's waking up extra grumpy this morning because your football team made you stay up late on Monday night/early Tuesday morning only to watch Jay Cutler and Tom Brady seemingly switch brains somewhere between South Beach and Everglades.

And I'm willing to bet Bill Belichick is going to do the football equivalent — after he gives the appropriate tongue lashing for that putrid performance — sometime today.

Final: Dolphins 27, Patriots 20. Only it felt like 37-10.

Not exactly the way most wanted to prepare for Sunday's Showdown in Steeltown. Figured the Patriots would use the Dolphins as the final preseason game before having to worry about the Steelers, but a funny thing happened. The perennial AFC East champs failed to show up again in South Florida — what do the Patriots do on these trips, anyways? — and are now one game behind the Steelers and must win to gain home-field advantage in the playoffs.

You know what? It doesn't mean a darn thing. On to Pittsburgh.