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BSJ Daily Briefing 11.28.17: Celtics have company in the East

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Good morning!

A few random thoughts while I get mentally prepared for Lincoln-Sudbury's Division 2 Super Bowl against King Phillip on Friday night at Gillette:

  • We all know that I'm not the biggest NBA guy (I'm a long-time hoop head, but it's mostly colleges), but I didn't realize how much of a force the Pistons would be in the East this season. Of course, everything depends on health, but that's a very well-rounded team we saw beat the Celtics in their own backyard last night.
  • Two things that worry me the most about the Pistons: Avery Bradley continuing to be Kyrie Irving kryptonite (duh, but a minus-28 last night? Wow), and the Celtics not having anyone who can negate Andre Drummond.
  • OK, now I get why the Celtics and many fans didn't want to part with Bradley in the offseason. That guy is just a spectacular defender. But you gotta give something to get something. I think the Celtics will be OK with their team defense.
  • I'm going to miss The Fist.
  • I think the Patriots will most likely stand pat at backup tight end after Martellus Bennett went on IR, but I think people are fooling themselves if they don't think the offense will take a little bit of a hit (it wasn't as good on Sunday without Bennett as it was the previous two games). In just a short time, Bennett showed a lot of value in a) curtailing Rob Gronkowski's workload, b) taking some pressure off Dwayne Allen, c) giving Tom Brady, in the wake of Julian Edelman's injury, another quick/short pass option to take the heat off. The Patriots will still be fine, but, again, the margin of error has been chipped away a little.
  • Prediction: Even without their two best special teams' players (Matthew Slater, Nate Ebner) the Patriots' will still be good on special teams.

And away we go...



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That's a big boy doing that. Pretty impressive last night.

Live Q&As

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