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BSJ Daily Briefing 11.21.17: Boston may never lose again. Ever. (Part 2)

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Good morning!

I think I'm just going to keep using this headline every day until some Boston team loses (that would be Wednesday night with the Bruins in New Jersey).

It's 24 games and counting, for those of you keeping score at home.

Well, I'll say this, the Celtics tried really, really hard last night to make me look like a jinx, and then Kyrie put on a cape and did some superhero stuff.

Sorry, I missed the game. Too busy collecting our Wayland Men's Softball League championship trophy (humble brag). In all seriousness, the league is part of Wayland Dads, which is a really great community service organization. 

Count me all in on riding Anton Khudobin in net for the Bruins. #RideTheDobby Yeah, he's going to implode at some point. And, yeah, Tuukka Rask is probably going to be cranky for a while, but maybe it will kick him in the rear and get him to start carrying this team once in a while like he's getting paid to do.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: the problem with today's NFL is the brain drain among head coaches. It's Bill Belichick, and then everyone else. It didn't always use to be that way (from that column):

Kids today don’t understand that those of us who grew up in the 1980s used to tune into NFL games because of the coaching matchups. Just in the NFC East alone, you couldn’t wait to watch Landry, Gibbs and Parcells match wits, and cross-divisional matchups that mixed in Walsh, Shula and Noll were a treat. Even watching a Wyche, Knox, Flores, Coryell or Reeves team (to name a few) was going to be worth your time because they were creative and/or well coached.

Let's just take some of the coaching matchups for this coming weekend.

Chargers at Cowboys
When I grew up: Don Coryell vs. Tom Landry
Thursday: Anthony Lynn vs. Jason Garrett

Giants at Redskins
When I grew up: Bill Parcells vs. Joe Gibbs
Thursdsay: Ben McAdoo vs. Jay Gruden

Browns at Bengals
When I grew up: Marty Schottenheimer vs. Sam Wyche
Sunday: Hue Jackson vs. Marvin Lewis

Bears at Eagles
When I grew up: Mike Ditka vs. Buddy Ryan
Sunday: John Fox vs. Doug Pederson

Seahawks at 49ers
When I grew up: Chuck Knox vs. Bill Walsh
Sunday: Pete Carroll vs. Kyle Shanahan

Broncos at Raiders
When I grew up: Dan Reeves vs. Tom Flores
Sunday: Vance Joseph vs. Jack Del Rio

Packers at Steelers
When I grew up: Forrest Gregg vs. Chuck Noll
Sunday: Mike McCarthy vs. Mike Tomlin

Dolphins at Patriots
When I grew up: Don Shula vs. Raymond Berry
Today: Adam Gase vs. Bill Belichick

And away we go...



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Weekly schedule (subject to change, due to travel, of course):

Mondays: Sean McAdam - Red Sox/MLB.
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Wednesdays: Brian Robb - Celtics/NBA.
Thursdays: Joe McDonald - Bruins/NHL.
Fridays: Greg Bedard, Noon - Patriots/NFL/BSJ.

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