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BSJ Daily Briefing 11.09.17: Boston split, a new/old TE for Pats?, an NFL slapfight

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Good morning!

A few thoughts while I throw a few more logs on the fire to stay warm.

It's cold! What, no one told me it was actually going to get cold this year! I needed more advance warning for this.

  • So between the Bruins and Celtics, I think they have 24 players on injured reserve, nine players in street clothes and are using standees to fill out their lineups. Or maybe it just feels that way.
  • You know what they need over there at the Garden? Alex Guerrero and the TB12 Method, obvi.
  • Celtics were cruising for a while, and then hung on for a 107-96 win over the Lakers. Just like we all thought: Aron Baynes is just going to take over some games for the Celtics this season, and the opponent is helpless to prevent it.
  • Bruins fell behind 3-1 to the Rangers in the first period and lost 4-2. Bruce Cassidy is telling the Bruins what time the road games start this season, right? Because with their first-period performances and 1-3-1 road record so far, I'm starting to question that.
  • Jimmy Vesey ... why didn't you just sign with the Bruins?
  • Martellus Bennett was released by the Packers, and the Patriots have a desperate need for more TE and red-zone help. Makes a lot of sense for him to return if he's healthy. For that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if an AFC competitor (Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs) claims Bennett to keep him away from the Patriots (think the Steelers are behind New England in the claim process, but I'm not exactly sure of the tiebreakers).
  • So the NFL is abuzz over the New York Times story that Jerry Jones is threatening to hire a lawyer and sue individual owners to prevent Roger Goodell from getting his new contract. A few thoughts: a) This is just Jones blustering. It's not the first time he's threatened to sue the league/owners; b) What a baby Jones is. Obviously, somebody hasn't been told "no" in a very, very, very long time. Nobody tells Jerrah Jones whether his player can or can't play! I made all you people. I just got elected to the Hall of Fame! I am all powerful! Bow down to Jerrah! For crying out loud, grow up. c) Wonder if Robert Kraft is taking notes and trying to glob on with Jones to finish saving face over Deflategate. This is how you defend your player. Kraft knows how to read the tea leaves and has smart people around him that know how to play the PR game. If Kraft swings over to Jones, that means they think Goodell is dead in the water and feel they might as well use the occasion to jump on the pile after the play and say, "See! We got Goodell in the end for all you Patriots fans! We knew what we were doing. Knew this would happen"

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Still in the planning stages for our first BSJ event, but here's a little tease: if you're going to the Bruins and/or Celtics games on Black Friday (Nov. 24), keep the time between games open in The Garden area.

Live Q&As

Weekly schedule (subject to change, due to travel, of course):

Mondays: Sean McAdam - Red Sox/MLB.
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Thursdays: Joe McDonald - Bruins/NHL.
Fridays: Greg Bedard, Noon - Patriots/NFL/BSJ.

And away we go...



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Bruins are TBD in Toronto.

9 a.m.: Bill Belichick press conference (Price)
3:30 p.m.: Patriots locker room (Price)
5 p.m.: Live Q&A - Joe McDonald on Bruins/NHL
8:25 p.m.: 
NFL — Seattle at Arizona (NBC, NFLN, Amazon)


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