Patriots vs. Jets: Scouting report, gameplan points and pick

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(Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports)

The Jets defense that the Patriots will face on Sunday, is the real deal with one caveat: in time.

They aren’t quite there yet, but there’s no doubt that the Jets are headed in the right direction on that side of the ball where they average age of the starters is just over 25 years old. They start two rookies and two players going into their second season.

As you would expect, the Jets are very athletic given their youth, so they fly around the football field. But, surprisingly, they are fairly disciplined given the relative inexperience of the players.

A lot of credit goes to head coach Todd Bowles, who has always featured a simple system that allows his players to play fast, and defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers, who has implemented Bowles system.

Now, the Jets have entered the game on a three-game winning streak in which they allowed an average of 13.3 points per game. But it was against three teams that aren’t exactly on par with the Patriots (second in DVOA rankings): the Dolphins (31st), Jaguars (18th) and Browns (30th). So it’s all relative.

Still, that the Jets are 3-2 at this point when most thought they could go 0-16 is a big feather in the cap of Bowles, who is showing that if you give him some tools, he can mold them.

A glance at the Jets: