Patriots, Matt Lengel reached injury settlement

(David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports)

According to the NFL transaction wire, the Patriots and Matt Lengel reached an injury settlement on Sept. 30. Lengel, who was competing for the third tight end spot, was placed on injured reserve on Aug. 27.

Matt Lengel's cap number of $547,095 consisted of
$540,000 salary
$7,095 in offseason workout bonus money.

He now counts $134,154 against the cap
$7,095 in offseason workout bonus money.
$127,059 in salary ($540,000 divided by 17 weeks time 4)

The Patriots now have 7 players on injured reserve:

Four are done for the season

  • Julian Edelman
  • Derek Rivers
  • Caleb Kidder
  • Cyrus Jones

Two of the following three are eligible to come back to play for the Patriots after they spent at least eight weeks on IR:

  • Shea McClellin, who can come back Week 10. The Pats have a bye in Week 9;
  • Malcolm Mitchell, who can also come back Week 10;
  • Vincent Valentine, who can come Week 11.

Please note that the Patriots will be playing on the road against the Broncos Week 10 and against the Raiders in Mexico Week 11.

Caleb Kidder is now the only player on the injured reserve list who is not listed on the Patriots.Com roster. Why no listing? Your guess is good as mine. It is not because he has reached an unreported injury settlement. He is among the players listed on the Patriots roster on the NFLPA public salary cap page.

Some possible questions at this point:

Q: How much cap space was created by waiving Matt Lengel?
A: $412,941

Q: How much cap space do the Patriots currently have?
A: According to my numbers, $5,121,495

Q: How many players can come back from IR during the season?
A: 2017 is the first year that two players can come back. It used to be one. Expect this number to grow in future years

Q: When can Matt Lengel come back to play for the Patriots?
A: After Week 7. He has to wait 3 weeks.

Q: Can Matt Lengel sign with another team?
A: Matt Lengel can sign with the 31 other teams today if he so wishes.

Q: Can Matt Lengel be signed to the Patriots practice squad later this season?
A: Yes, since he does have practice squad eligibility.

Q: Who of the three eligible players (Malcolm Mitchell, Shea McClellin, or Vincent Valentine) will come back?
A: As a general rule I do not answer hypotheticals especially ones that presume no further injuries. My guess now is McClellin and Mitchell.

Q: When can Malcolm Mitchell and Shea McClellin start to practice with the team?
A: After Week 6. The Patriots must make their designation announcement at their first practice. The players can then practice with the team for no more than three weeks before being placed on IR. It is not a requirement, just an option, that the player has to practice for 3 weeks

Q: How many players are currently on the Patriots roster?
A: 74
53 active players
10 practice squad players
1 (Tony Garcia) on the Non-Football Illness list
3 on the Non-Football Injury list
7 on the Injured Reserve List.

Q: Why is there a 46-man active limit?
A: Have heard that it is to prevent situations where a team has less than 53 healthy players and its opponent has 53 healthy players thereby giving its opponent an advantage.

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