Watch Brad Stevens’ heartfelt reaction to Boston letter from Isaiah Thomas

David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports

Boston fans weren't the only ones who had an emotional reaction to a heartfelt letter from Isaiah Thomas on Wednesday.

Brad Stevens read the letter himself before speaking with a small group of media at the ABCD Hoops Dreams fundraiser at the TD Garden on Wednesday evening and admitted it was a touching experience for him as well.

"I love IT," Stevens said. "When you make moves, obviously there’s a cost for every move. But obviously there’s a huge emotional cost, right? I read that like a guy who had been in the locker room with him everyday for the last 2 ½ years and flown on the planes. I thoroughly enjoyed him, learned a lot from him. And so enjoyed watching his ascent. It was emotional. I think I was reading it as much as like an 11-year-old kid would more than a coach, per se. It’s really an emotional thing. I wish him nothing but the best. I couldn't have more respect for anybody."