Column: From Santaluces, to the Hall of Fame?

(James Lang/USA TODAY Sports)

FOXBOROUGHVince Wilfork retired as a member of the Patriots on Wednesday, in a ceremony that was true to the Patriots and Wilfork.

Robert Kraft was emotional about the bond that he shared with Wilfork after the passing of his wife, Myra. Bill Belichick perfectly encapsulated what made a player with little to no stats so great for the league’s most accomplished franchise. And Wilfork kept it real, about his career, why he made the decision and about how Tom Brady’s never had a great assortment of receivers (a little bit of an ouch).

On a much lesser note, the moment reminded me that I’ve known Wilfork for 18 years since we were both, at one point in time, residents of Boynton Beach, Fla.

Here are a few takeaways from the journey Wilfork has taken from high school student to potential Hall of Famer: