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BSJ Daily Briefing 08.04.17

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Good morning!

Hey, look at that. Almost to #BSJ3K in less than two weeks! Again, you guys and gals are amazing. We can't thank you enough, and we can't do this without you!

Big day for our little site Thursday as Sean McAdam's exclusive report about Red Sox management telling Dave Dombrowski not to include any top prospects in deadline deals was our most-read story in our short history. Make sure you give him an "atta boy" if you're in the Twitter-verse. We're working hard to bring you more and more of those exclusive stories — on every beat — as we go forward.

And away we go...


The BSJ iOS app is available for download. The early reviews are really good. No, we can't have the counter on the app. Just doesn't work there.

You Android users, we have not forgotten about you. There is a bug in the video section that they're working on, but I'm telling them to push it through and we can figure it out as we go. Thanks for your patience.

And in case any of your friends are asking, the app is free and they can access anything on there. But reading the articles requires a subscription.

One thing they are definitely working on is the print feature. It's all screwy right now, but that should get fixed. This site shouldn't need a dedicated print button because the layout is dynamic.

People are also asking about alerts. We will be doing those through the app as soon as I can get the staff up to speed.

Let us know if there are any problems over at (this should be your go-to address for any problems with the site).

And while we're on the subject of emails, if you spot anything wrong (and as a small crew getting up to speed, we're going to have our share), drop us a line at


Red Sox

Sean's exclusive story, through good and experienced reporting, that had a lot of people talking.
Sean's story off the game captures how the offense is heating up.
The Live Coverage page from Boston's 9-5 win over the White Sox.
Sean also found time to chat about the Red Sox.


My column on the contenders for the Patriots' left end/linebacker position now that we've seen some practices since Rob Ninkovich's retirement.
Chris Price looked at five players who are feeling the heat of competition.
Chris took the reigns of the practice report while I was dealing with some site business.
Video: Tom Brady was the first on the field for his birthday. (Overachiever.)
Podcast: I was on NBCSports Radio with Chris Mannix talking a lot of Patriots.


9 a.m.: Bill Belichick speaks, Gillette. (Price, Bedard)
9:30-11:30 a.m.: Patriots practice, Gillette. (Price, Bedard)
2 p.m.: Practice report should post (Bedard)
3 p.m.: Chat TBA
7:10 p.m.: White Sox at Red Sox, Fenway (McAdam)


We all saw how Tom Brady, through Chris' video, reported to work on his birthday. Here's me doing the same.

Have a great day everybody!