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Editor’s note: Get a sense of who we are

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Welcome to BSJ.

Many of you will be visiting us for the first time after the paywall, or "professional journalism gateway," if you will, goes up on July 31. Once here, you will be able to see our home page, team pages and coverage pages. You'll be able to get some sense of how we do things. But what you won't be able to see is any article, including our daily Live Q&As, beyond the first couple of paragraphs.

That's why we have this area. This section will remain here forever, to give people like yourself a glimpse of the type of work we do at BSJ (and this is just from the first week, when we weren't even fully staffed). We're open and honest here. We didn't ask for a dime of anyone's money before our site was actually available to consume (and we had a lot of people telling us we should just take their money). We keep a running count of how many subscribers we have in the bottom right hand corner of every page, so our readers can keep track of the progress we're making. And we want to give you a glimpse of the site because, not only are we darn proud of our staff and the work we put in, but because we want to put your mind at ease before you decide to buy a subscription. And those are vital to our existence.

Do we want to be asking for your money? No. But in case you haven't noticed, the current journalism "models" aren't working well for anyone. The only chance we have, I think, is to build this thing on the backs of passionate Boston sports fans, who realize paying a modest fee for unique coverage and great access to experts is the way things have to be done in order to support a new, independent alternative that also offers a clean and clutter-free user experience. (And what we've also learned is that when you charge, you wind up with the greatest and most civil comment section anywhere in sports media.) And we're all native New Englanders, who would like nothing better than to serve you and raise our families here for years to come.

So, please, read up. And take your time. We love having you here, and we hope you want to stay. We can't do this without you, and many more of you. If you would like to subscribe, you can go right here. And if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you,

Greg Bedard and the staff of