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BSJ Daily Briefing 07.31.17: What a week, onto Phase 2

(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Good morning!

Amazing. You guys are amazing. After being overwhelmed with 1,000-plus subscribers on our opening day, we finished our first week with 2,040 paid subscribers. Yes, that's a very high number for a small startup, and about double of what we were hoping for in all honesty. So thank you. We all thank you. Your early belief in us, this model and the type of work we do has really given us a lot of momentum.

Couple of other numbers that we're proud of. For the week, we had nearly 380,000 page views. That means that we're on pace for 1.5 million in our first month! Look, we're not going to keep up that pace because of Phase 2 that starts today (more on that in a minute), but it would be really something if we hit 1 million. We also had 75,000 unique users, which is mind boggling. Also, and this was humbling, the wife and I processed 70 gratis subscriptions (not counted in our subscription total) to members of our military. It's the least all of us can do, and we're excited that you'll be keeping up with your teams through us all over the globe. Please stay safe.

And that leads us into Phase 2: the professional journalism gateway goes up later today (man, do I hate the term paywall).

Do we want to be asking for your money? No. But in case you haven't noticed, the current journalism "models" aren't working well for anyone. The only chance we have, I think, is to build this thing on the backs of passionate Boston sports fans, who realize paying a modest fee for unique coverage and great access to experts is the way things have to be done in order to support a new, independent alternative that also offers a clean and clutter-free user experience. (And what we've also learned is that when you charge, you wind up with the greatest and most civil comment section anywhere in sports media.) And we're all native New Englanders who would like nothing better than to serve you and raise our families here for years to come.

Hopefully you'll tell your friends how much fun you're having here, and this is only the first week. Oh, the plans we have. If they're on the fence, shoot them this link. We set up a page that features the best work from the BSJ Free Preview. Tell them to go check it out, and then to subscribe.

And we know a lot of you took a look during the preview, are still out there and interested. We had over 14,000 pageviews of our subscription page last week, the most popular page after the homepage. If half sign up soon, then we're cooking with gas and somebody will need to start looking for additional staffers to get this venture really revved up.

But don't think we take the original #BSJ2000 for granted. Not at all. Your email addresses have already been filed away and you all will be a very important part of this little company for many years to come.


I know, I know. I hear you loud and clear. We want the apps just as badly as you do, because they will only enhance the BSJ experience for you. I just don't know what to tell you. The apps were submitted two weeks ago. We're just waiting for them to push them through. Hopefully that's very, very soon.

And away we go…



I looked at what's next for the Patriots at edge rusher after Rob Ninkovich's retirement.

Chris Price did a great job putting Ninkovich's career in perspective. Amazing the symmetry with Mike Vrabel.

Chris also let Ninkovich explain why he hung them up now.

BSJ's comprehensive training camp report with 1-on-1s is here.

Red Sox 

Another meltdown by the Sox bullpen. Go get some help!

Sean McAdam has the Sox in the mix for Mets reliever Addison Reed.

Sean also had live coverage of the game.


Patriots are off today.
10 a.m.: Price will post a notebook on the Patriots.
Noon: McAdam will have a chat. Happy now-waiver trade deadline day!
1 p.m.: I'll have some analysis of the Patriots.
3 p.m.
: Price will chat all things Patriots.
7:08 p.m.: Indians at Red Sox, Fenway (McAdam)

This dog was every Red Sox fan yesterday